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Reita <3

I used to have a blog that everyone can read it freely for years and I was fine with that. But now, I made this journal friends only because this is my life, my thoughts, my obsessions (read: my dark side =P) and so I really don't want any RL close-minded people snooping around and found more reasons to bash me.

I'm nice, I won't bite you without a reason *nods* Comment to be added, but please:

1. Tell me who you are and where we've met. I have low IQ in remembering people names and little details, so yeah.
2. Have some mutual interests would be nice for our own sake. I'm mostly into Japanese thingies, from anime to J-Rockers, and I have tons of interests outside Jap culture so it shouldn't be that hard.
3. Add me first, comment in this entry, then I'll add you. Take me off your f-list, then I'll take you off too.
4. If you're considering yourself as a closed-minded person [i.e. racists, sophist, homophobes, elitists and the list goes on...] don't bother to friend me. We both won't be happy, trust me.
5. Please comment every once in a while so at least I know you're still alive. I do read all the entries on my friends page and leave comments as often as I can.
6. Be nice :)